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Best wiper blades: 2018 group test

The car wiper blade market is awash with options

So 10 of the best were tested to reveal a clear wiper blade winner for 2018

Wiper blades are easy to overlook, as they deteriorate gradually. Before you know it, you can be left with a smeary screen, compromising safety, and a noisy wiping action. Replacements, fortunately, are plentiful and easy to come by, with a wide range of blades on the market at a decent spread of prices.

Fitting new wipers is easier than it once was, too, because many cars come with plug-and-play adaptors. To find out which set of blades we think you should go for, we put 10 to the test.

How they were tested

The most important aspect of a windscreen wiper blade is obviously whether it is able to effectively and consistently clean a windscreen, and we assessed our 10 products on a 2011 Skoda Superb.

We wanted to know whether or not each set of blades left smears, streaks or blemishes, but also assessed how easy they were to fit and how each wiper’s noise level compared with its rivals. We also considered cost in our assessments, with the quoted prices for a 24 and 18-inch twin set taken from online sources as we went to press.


The Bosch Aerotwin blades take victory thanks to their perfect wiping action, while they were also the easiest to fit and felt most solid. Wiperblades’ Aerowipers come a close second for their great cleaning and price, with Trico’s solid and quiet ExactFit third.

1. Bosch Aerotwin
2. Wiperblades Aerowiper
3. Trico ExactFit

The Aerotwin blades take another win, thanks to an excellent performance across all areas. They were the most solid-feeling items we tested, and also the easiest to install and remove. Once wiping, they left a perfectly clean screen, with no streaks or smears and perfect dispersal of water. The blades were among the quietest we tested, too.