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Car Diagnostics Colchester

Car Diagnostics Colchester

Using Car Diagnostics Equipment to Its Full Potential

Here at All Trans Autos Ltd we have invested heavily in Car Diagnostic Equipment and are able to offer you one of the most comprehensive diagnostic services in Colchester, including; General Diagnostics, ECU Coding, Key Coding, Re-programming, Calibration, Adaptions, Instrument Clusters, DPF, Immobiliser Coding & Car Software Updates.

As the technical challenges change, All Trans Autos Ltd invests in order to keep pace with those changes. We subscribe to various manufacturers direct so we can continue to give our customers the service they have come to rely on.

Our Bosch mechanics/technicians continue to train, this enables them to interpret and use the car diagnostic equipment to its full potential.

We are able to carry out most car diagnostic procedures to the makes listed here, up to car dealer level.

Our Capabilities

The below list is not exhaustive, it gives an insight to our capabilities. For further information contact us.

All systems on modern cars are computer controlled, Power Assisted Steering, Air Conditioning/Climate Control and Automatic Transmissions to name a few. On a modern, mid-range family saloon it is not uncommon to find over twenty computers fitted.

Here at All Trans Autos Ltd we can often reprogramme/repair ECU’s & components at a fraction of the cost of a new ECU. If the ECU unit is not repairable in most cases All Trans Autos Ltd can fit a second-hand unit which we are able to reprogramme to your vehicle.

General Diagnostics Plug into the vehicle to read fault codes stored.
Further parallel diagnostics may be required
ECU Coding Coding ECU’s to the vehicle
Key Coding Coding Keys to vehicle
Re-programming Re-programming parts if they have become corrupt or damaged
Calibration Calibrating radar and on board cameras
Adaptions Some parts once fitted require adaptive learning
Instrument Clusters Coding instrument clusters to the vehicle
DPF Diesel Particulate Filters, Carrying out forced regenerations and programming to vehicle
Software Updates Carrying out software updates is a requirement of some vehicles in order for it to continue to function correctly. Software updates can repair glitches within the electronic system.
Immobiliser Coding Coding Immobilisers to the vehicle
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