Engine Management Actuators    

Throttle Device 
Product Range 
Idle actuator, idle valve, idle actuator, idle control valve, stepper motor, idle bypass valve, auxiliary air valve 
throttle housing 
Canister purge valve, carbon canister, EVAP system 
Camshaft controller 
Secondary air pump 
Secondary Air Pump 
Why Bosch Engine Management Actuators? 
Bosch have a diverse range of engine management actuators.  
In simple terms, actuators are some of the components that the ECU controls to make physical and precise changes to the running of the engine.  
Engine Management actuators are the devices that implement physical movement in order to make changes to engine running parameters  
They control different areas around the engine, for example 
Adjust engine idle speed 
Operate the throttle butterfly to change engine  
Solenoid valves to operate various emission control systems 
Adjust camshaft timing plus inlet and or exhaust valve fit 
General Purpose Actuator 
Idle Actuator 
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