Diesel Fuel Injection Systems    

Effects of replacement with inferior quality injectors 
Engine rattle 
Poor starting performance 
Excessive exhaust smoke and emissions 
Reduced performance 
Fuel Pump Kits 
Fuel pump kits are a range specifically engineered by Bosch for in-tank modules 
Allows a superior Bosch pump to be fitted into a competitors fuel pump module assembly 
Achieved with bespoke components in a kit form 
Quality and function of the original is never compromised 
Cost effective OE quality aftermarket solution 
The diesel fuel injection system is designed to inject precise fuel quantities at the correct time to produce clean combustion 
The design has changed and evolved from mechanical rotary pumps to RP with EDC to the present CRS. Pressures have increased from 350 up to 2200 bar today. Tolerances are tighter and have reduced from 100 microns (width of a human hair) to just 1 micron today. 
The result is reduced emissions and engine noise, improved fuel economy and engine performance. 
Fuel Pumps 
The fuel pump delivers fuel to the engine from the fuel tank and come in two main variants 
External Fuel Pump 
Early design 1960's to early 1990's 
Mounted under vehicle 
Susceptible to;  
Water ingress  
Fuel contaminated with debris 
Physical damage 
In-tank Fuel Pump 
Latest design -1990's onwards 
Modular design incorporating swirl pot, fuel level sensor, fuel pressure regulator 
Less susceptible to impact damage and corrosion 
Cooler and quieter running 
Size and weight reduction 
We were shortlisted down to the last three in the Independent Garage of the Year Award in 2008. 


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