Oil Filters 
Features Benefits 
Tear-resistant filter media Increases Engine Service life 
efficiently removes impurities  
Appropriate features are fitted if appropriate Ensures the smooth running of the 
e.g bypass valve, anti-drain mechanism engine with increasing service intervals 
OE Top fixing shape is always replicated  
Air filters 
Features Benefits  
High dust collection capability through Improve engine performance and fuel  
accurately engineered pleat pockets consumption  
Seals with precise fit and long-term Increase service life and reduce engine  
durability repairs  
Operates effectively over large temperature 
All Filters manufactured to OE design and specifications 
Bosch Diesel and Gasoline experience feeds into the filter programme  
Don't Compromise -modern systems have tighter tolerances  
and expensive components 
Super Super Plus 
Reliable performance for older Technology Improved engine performance 
High Reliable cold starts high reliable cold starts 
Quickly reaches operating temperature Quickly reaches operating temperature 
Protects engine & catalytic converter Protects engine & catalytic converter 
Pre-gapped electrodes Pre-gapped electrodes 
Yttrium alloy for longer life and reliability 
Bulb Range; 
Headlamp bulbs 
Stop and indicator bulbs 
L:licence plate bulbs 
Interior light bulbs 
Emergency bulb kits -  
Each kit contains a popular headlamp bulb and is made up of either  
H1, H4 or H7 headlamp bulbs PLUS 
P21W, PY21W,R5W,T4W,P21/5W,W5W,C5W PLUS 
4 fuses (20x10A, 1 x 15A, 1 x 20A) 
Minibox version also available 
Note; They are mandatory in many EU countries 
Xenon gas-discharge bulbs 
Range available 
DS1 (35w,pk32d-2) 
D2R (35w, pk32d-3) 
D2S (35w,pk32d-3) 
Why Bosch Filtration? 
Bosch have a complete all makes filters range covering air, fuel, oil and cabin filters. It is important to remember that the purpose of a filter is to prevent damage to more expensive components on the vehicle. It is therefore imperative that an OE high quality filter is used to prevent high repair costs and provide optimum performance for the vehicle. 
Fuel Filters 
Features Benefits 
Excellent filtration of water and other Prevents corrosion and engine damage esp.fuel  
impurities -filters down to 2 microns injection systems 
High quality media with large surface area Protects engine components from  
impurities and additives 
Cabin Filters 
Features Benefits 
High humidity resistance Increased amount of fresh air in cabin 
Prevents the formation of micro-organisms Reduced fogging of windows 
Exact fit Protection against pollen 
Why Bosch spark Plugs? 
Bosch spark plugs bring the latest trends and technology directly to workshops and dealers. From the outside you may think that all spark plugs are basically the same, but reality is that a spark plug is highly engineered component that needs to operate effectively at temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees, at pressures as high 100bar and at 30,000 volts! Add to this the fact that spark plugs are now becoming longer and thinner due to the space limitations on new vehicle engines, it becomes imperative that a high quality OE component is used for an aftermarket replacement. 
Platinum Super 4 
Exceptional service life and a lower voltage High performance upgrade for super and 
ignition for modern engines super plus plugs 
High reliable cold starts Improved acceleration 
Quickly reaches operating temperature Smoother engine running 
Protects engine and Catalytic converter Self cleaning for extended service life 
Pre-gapped electrodes Pre-gapped electrodes 
No misfiring through the whole lifecycle Improved cold start performance 
We were shortlisted down to the last three in the Independent Garage of the Year Award in 2008. 


MOT'S - Cars,Vans, Minibus' & Motorhomes 
SERVICING - all makes and models 
Diagnostics to dealer level 
Van Hire - UK & Europe 
Air conditioning -Regas, Servicing and Repairs 
Clutches, Tyres and Exhausts 
ECU's - Coding, software updates, adaptions 
Brakes and ABS, Discs, Pads, Calipers 


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