TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 – XTL is a premium engine oil for passenger cars and vans, utilising the new XTL-Technology®. The innovative XTL-Technology ® offers high performance over a range of temperatures. 
The unique lubrication properties of XTL-Technology ® offer significant benefits in highly stressed engines, especially in the latest downsized components or engines with stop-start systems. Engines with a high power density enjoy reliable lubrication and start easier and more quickly. 
The product is advantageous for cars with exhaust gas after treatment systems such as catalysts or particulate filters, as it keeps their conversion rate high and provides a longer life time. 
XTL-Technology ® is proven to lower fuel consumption even compared to the same sae-class. 
Main application 
TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 – XTL has been specially developed for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and GM / Vauxhall vehicles with exhaust after treatment and turbocharger. 
Older engine generations can be changed over to TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 – XTL. 
TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 – XTL may only be used in diesel engines when also low Sulphur diesel fuel is being used. 
The product can be applied in many vehicles of Asian manufacturers if the use of a C3 engine oil is specified. 
Product name TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 – XTL 
Specifications / approvals ACEA C3 
dexos2™ (gb2c0209075) 
MB-Approval 229.51 
MB-Approval 229.52 
VW 502 00/505 00/505 01 
Recommendations Mercedes/Vauxhall/BMW 
We were shortlisted down to the last three in the Independent Garage of the Year Award in 2008.