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RAC Approved Garage

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All trans Autos RAC Approved Garage Colchester

The RAC have been serving motorists since 1897, and as the motorist’s champion, it’s their duty to provide motorists with a network of independent garages they can trust, that’s why they set up the RAC Approved Garage Network.

As a RAC Approved Garage we follow the RAC Customer Charter for Approved Garages.

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As an RAC Approved Garage we guarantee

  • Honest pricing – All work will be explained clearly and the costs will be transparent
  • Quality work – Any repairs done will meet the high standard set by the RAC
  • Exceptional customer service – You’ll find the service friendly, straightforward and jargon free. For more information about the RAC and the Approved Garages network, please visit: www.rac.co.uk/approvedgarages

All Trans Autos Ltd have to undergo regular compliance checks to make sure we continue to meet the standards required to be a RAC Approved Partner.

The RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan

The RAC know that 62% of motorists have had a vehicle fail its MOT. So, to help protect motorists they developed the RAC MOT Check and Repair Plan. The plan is given to you free of charge at the time of a service, provided a Vehicle Health Check has been completed and any remedial work identified is carried out*

The plan covers you for up to £750 of repairs should your vehicle fail its next MOT test**

  • The RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan is free of charge
  • Peace of mind that if your vehicle needs repairs to pass its MOT, the plan will cover you for specific parts
  • Covers repairs up to a total of £750

For more information about the RAC MOT Check and Repair Plan and full terms and condition please visit: www.rac.co.uk/approvedgarage or alternatively speak to a member of the team.

*Remedial work completed at your own expense

**Please note only the items specified in the plan are covered.

The RAC Fixed Price Service Plan

A lot of roadside breakdowns happen because motorists skip essential vehicle servicing. Research conducted by the RAC has shown that 75% of motorists make no provision to pay for their vehicle servicing requirements, with a lot of motorists paying a large sum upfront for their annual service.

The RAC Service Plan allows motorists to break the cost of 2 years vehicle servicing and MOT tests into a manageable monthly fixed price.
The Service Plan is an easy way to budget for your car’s servicing requirements, ensuring your car never misses a vital service interval so you get maximum life out of the vehicle.

  • Simple and affordable monthly payments that make it easier for you to budget, with fixed, inflation-proof prices.
  • Peace of mind that your vehicles servicing and MOT tests are met for the next 2 years
  • No deposit and no nasty surprises
  • All work carried out at RAC Approved Garages by experienced and trusted technicians

For more information about the RAC Fixed Price Service Plan and full terms and conditions please visit: www.rac.co.uk/approvedgarages or alternatively speak to a member of our team.