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Regular air conditioning servicing

Regular air conditioning (A/C) servicing and cabin filter replacement at All Trans Autos (Bosch Car Service workshop) increases comfort and well-being.

Bosch high-performance cabin filters protect vehicle occupants against pollen, fine dust and bad smells.

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By now, air conditioning systems have become standard equipment for almost all car models. During the summer, they ensure driving without stress and pleasant cabin temperatures. In winter, they dry the air inside the cabin and prevent windows and windshields from fogging up. For their reliable operation, A/C systems need sufficient refrigerant and regular maintenance. Reduced cooling performance and unpleasant smells inside the cabin can be caused by a defect, insufficient refrigerant in the A/C system or even a clogged cabin filter. Since A/C systems lose refrigerant throughout the year even without any leaks, almost all vehicle manufacturers recommend having the air conditioning system checked and maintained at least once a year and preferably in spring.

With a professional A/C service, workshops perform a leak test, drain the system and refill it with the optimum amount of refrigerant. The devices used for this procedure recover and reuse up to 99 percent of the refrigerant. This makes A/C servicing environmentally friendly and lastingly saves resources.

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Replace cabin filters every 15.000 km or once a year

As part of the Bosch Car Service maintenance of A/C systems, cabin filters should also be replaced. In general, Bosch Car Service recommends replacing cabin filters once a year or every 15.000 km. Bosch Car Service offers a comprehensive range of 500+ cabin filters covering 95% of the car parc.

An optimum change interval is in early spring before the pollen season starts.

Bosch cabin filters reliably separate pollen and fine dust from the air. In addition, a correctly functioning cabin filter can also protect the air conditioning system and improve visibility by reducing the number of deposits. Besides standard filters, Bosch also provides activated carbon filters. These filters also retain harmful and foul-smelling gases thus reducing the concentration of pollutants inside the cabin. Especially for allergy sufferers, Bosch has developed the high-performing FILTER+. It separates up to 99 percent of all particles with a diameter of up to 2.5 micrometres – so-called fine dust.

With its anti-allergy layer, allergens and bacteria are neutralised before they enter the vehicle’s cabin. FILTER+ can thus significantly increase road safety. After all, a sneezing attack – allergy sufferers often experience such attacks due to pollen flying around – leaving the driver blind for a short moment. FILTER+ also comes with an activated-carbon layer reliably neutralising harmful and foul-smelling gases.

Additional information can be accessed at www.BoschCarService.co.uk or visit All Trans Autos, your local Bosch Car Service in Colchester.