Car AirCon Regas, Repair & Service Colchester

All Trans Autos Ltd are able to offer a complete air conditioning car service by qualified local technicians in Colchester, Essex.

Air Conditioning Car Service Colchester

Air Conditioning Car Service

An air conditioning car service and an air con regas are an integral part of most vehicle services. The benefits of air con are mainly experienced on hot days and winter days to demist the vehicle. Because of this, cars benefit from routine AC maintenance to keep the air conditioning system working as efficiently as possible.

As a result, most car manufactures recommend an air conditioning car service and air-con regas every 2 years.

Air Con Regas Colchester

Air conditioning servicing includes a system air con regas. This procedure takes about 2 hours. Our experts will empty the air conditioning system of gas and clean the pipes using an anti-bacterial solution. We will fit a new pollen filter and regas your air con system with the correct amount of refrigerant as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Here at All Trans Autos Ltd we are able to offer air-con re-gas, air conditioning servicing and AC repairs in cars, vans and motorhomes in Colchester. As a Bosch Car Service garage, we have invested in the training required by law which enables us to confidently carry out the maintenance required in accordance with current legislation including both R134A gas and R1234yf.

All Trans Autos Ltd are able to carry out nitrogen pressure tests on aircon systems to check for leaks in the air conditioning system.

We can carry out an air conditioning regas while you wait. The procedure involves removing the old gas and refilling the system with new gas and oil as per your manufacturer’s recommendations.

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R134A Gas

R134a is also known as Tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) from the family of HFC refrigerant. The HFC family of refrigerant was brought in to replace ozone-depleting CFCs and HCFCs.

As a result, it is now being used to replace R-12 CFC. It’s safe for normal handling because it is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. R134A is widely used in the air conditioning systems of new vehicles.

r1234yf gas

R1234yf (SolsticeTM yf) is a HFO used as a replacement for R134a in automotive air conditioning. SolsticeTM yf has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) under the limit set by the EU’s Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Directive. In light of this, it is the next generation refrigerant for automotive air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Car Service Colchester FAQ’s

What gas does my aircon use?

The vast majority of vehicles on the road in the UK use one of two refrigerant gasses as the active agent of their aircon systems.
The first of these gases is R134a, or Tetrafluoroethane – a refrigerant with similar thermodynamic properties to its CFC and HCFC predecessors, but with a lower potential for negatively impacting the Ozone Layer. R134a is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive, making it perfect for use within the automotive industry.
R1234yf, o4 SolsticeTM yf is an HFO gas recently introduced as a more environmentally friendly replacement for R134a in the automotive industry. Though currently not as widely used as its predecessor, R1234yf is considered to be the next generation refrigerant for automotive air conditioning.
All Trans Autos offer aircon repair, regassing, and servicing for vehicles using both R134a and R1234yf. Our Bosch trained technicians are confident in working with automotive refrigerant in accordance with the latest legislation and to the highest standard.

Is it necessary to get my aircon serviced?

Aircon servicing is an important part of ensuring the optimum functioning of a vehicle’s internal systems. The average car aircon system leaks 8% of its refrigerant gases per year, preventing effective functioning. Gas leaks within the aircon system can be difficult to pinpoint and can lead to a number of issues if left for extended periods of time.
Aircon servicing is the most effective way to ensure your vehicle’s aircon is functioning as it should be. Aircon servicing will reveal any underlying faults or issues within the aircon system, and ensure all depleted refrigerants are replenished to appropriate levels. Aircon servicing should be undertaken regularly to ensure optimum performance.
All Trans Autos are specialists in both regassing services, and aircon repair and maintenance. Our Bosch trained team of specialists are highly experienced in working with R1234yf and R134a gases across a wide variety of vehicle classes. Book your vehicle in for an aircon service today using our simple online booking system, or contact one of our friendly team members for further advice.

Why does my car aircon make noise?

A noisy aircon can indicate a multitude of issues – some of them barely associated with the system itself! When an issue is present, noise is most commonly audible upon start-up, or when the aircon is first turned on. Potential causes include impending aircon compressor failure, pulley bearing wear or failure, a worn or slipping serpentine belt, or a worn or broken compressor clutch, to list a few.
In addition to this, the presence of a rattling noise upon vehicle start is often a direct result of the strain the engine goes under during cranking. Activating a system as demanding as aircon often causes additional vibration or rattling, but is not necessarily an indicator of a fault.

How long does it take to regas a car AC system?

The average time taken for a standard aircon regas at All Trans Autos is 45 minutes. During this service, our Bosch trained technicians will ensure all depleted refrigerant gases are replaced and replenished to appropriate levels. As a part of the process, the aircon system will be checked for any faults and tested after replacement to ensure no significant leaks are present.
Our customers are welcome to make use of our waiting and viewing area during the regassing process, where our friendly receptionist will be happy to answer any questions regarding our services.
Book your vehicle in for an aircon regas with All Trans Autos today using our online booking system.

How much is car aircon regas?

The average price of an aircon regas in the UK currently sits between £60 and £70, though this may vary depending on the type of refrigerant required by the vehicle. The presence of a leak may add slightly to this cost.
All Trans Autos currently offer regas services for vehicles requiring the two most commonly used refrigerant gases in the UK, R134a and R1234yf. For further information regarding our aircon regassing service, or pricing, book in using our online system, or contact one of our friendly team members today.

Why is my car aircon blowing hot air?

Hot air is a common issue for car aircon systems, and is most commonly caused by either;
Low refrigerant levels – automotive aircon systems leak, on average, 8% of their refrigerant gases per year, leading to significant depletion if left over time. As the active cooling agent within the system, refrigerants are essential to the system, meaning if they left to leak, hot air tends to be blown. Leaks are often difficult to identify, as out with a closed, pressurised system, refrigerant will convert from a liquid to gaseous state, making it hard to trace to the source. A technician trained in aircon repair and maintenance will be able to identify and rectify this issue.
Faulty or broken compressor – the compressor exists to drive the refrigerant through the system, meaning cold air cannot be correctly processed without it. As a part generally subject to high levels of wear and tear, the compressor, or compressor clutch, are often the cause of warm air being blown from the aircon.
Warm air may also be a sign of issues with the condenser, or with the cooling fans.