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Vehicle Battery Testing and Battery Replacement.

Car Battery Replacement & Battery Repair in Colchester

For the modern vehicle, batteries are more important now than ever before. Batteries may look alike but don’t be fooled by their appearance. They differ in capacity, output, performance and technology, choosing the correct car battery replacement for your vehicle shouldn’t be left to chance and here is why.

The modern vehicle now has a vast number of computer-controlled electronics fitted and any drop in voltage or reserve power can cause damage to these very expensive computers and their software. Subsequently, it is very beneficial to regularly check the performance and state of the vehicle’s battery to help minimise the risk of these potentially expensive battery repairs, something All Trans Autos Ltd includes as a part of every vehicle service*. Problems caused by battery voltage drops or battery reserve power can present with driveability issues, malfunctions of other systems and warning lights on the dashboard.

*In a very small number of vehicles, the position of the battery makes the test prohibitive during a service. In this case, the customer will be given the option for the test to be carried out for a small additional fee.

Battery quality is another very important consideration as lessor quality batteries can cause a great number of issues with the vehicle’s onboard computer system and electrics. Many vehicles are now fitted with battery monitoring to try and minimise this risk, it does however require any replacement batteries to be programmed to the vehicle ensuring the battery type and power is known and compatible to all the onboard systems. Through investment All Trans Autos Ltd have ensured they have and continue to have the correct equipment, training and expertise to carry out the necessary programming for new batteries when required.

Not all batteries are equal. On conventional vehicles there are generally one of three types of battery fitted, standard lead acid, enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) or absorbed glass mat (AGM). The EFL battery is the minimum standard required for vehicles with stop/start technology with the AGM battery being the best battery for vehicles with stop/start technology. All Trans Autos Ltd have seen a great number of cases where failing batteries, poor quality batteries, incorrect size of battery, incorrect type of battery or batteries that have not been programmed to the vehicle have caused unnecessary and expensive repairs.


Bosch Car Batteries offer unrivalled performance, safety and reliability. Many car and van manufacturers install Bosch Batteries as standard to their vehicles. The Bosch S4 series are perfect for all diesel cars and older petrol cars as they offer higher than average cranking power. The S5 Bosch Battery offers a 30% boost in lifespan and power output and is a good choice for vehicles with higher than average electrical needs. Bosch Car Batteries are a popular brand in the UK and cannot be beaten for their price.

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Battery Replacement & Battery Repair FAQ’s

Should I have to charge my battery

Most batteries do not require charging. That's if you're taking good care of your car. Frequent recharges indicate that your car battery may be nearing the end of its life, we carry out FREE battery tests.

Why does my battery keep going flat when not in use?

There are many reasons why a battery would go flat when not in use. The battery itself may nearing the end of its life. There may be a short circuit on another component which is draining the battery. The alternator and charging system may have an issue, such as loose or broken wires or a failing alternator.

How do I know if I need a new battery?

All Trans Autos Ltd offer a free battery/alternator and starter motor check

How much is a new battery?

Prices of Battery’s vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Ordinary batteries are cheaper than AGM battery’s, for vehicle with stop/start technology. We offer Bosch battery’ with a 3,4- or 5-year warranty. AGM battery’ have a 2-year warranty

How long is the warranty on my battery?

Our Bosch Battery’ come with a 3,4- or 5-year warranty depending on your preference. Bosch AGM battery’ for vehicles with stop/start technology have a 2-year warranty.