Clutch Replacement & Repair in Colchester

All Trans Autos Ltd are able to offer a complete clutch replacement and clutch repair service by qualified technicians in Colchester, Essex.

Clutch Replacement & Clutch Repair in Colchester, Essex

We know how frustrating and time consuming it is when your vehicle’s clutch breaks or is on the brink. Our specialist clutch repair and clutch replacement service in Colchester saves you time and money. Our highly-qualified Bosch Car Service clutch mechanics will diagnose the problem quickly and repair or replace a clutch in a timely fashion, often the same day. Book a clutch service online today!

The clutch in your car is there to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels, creating movement of the vehicle. The clutch system has a number of components as illustrated. To explain in simple terms how the clutch works we will concentrate on the clutch pedal, the clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel.

When the clutch pedal is pressed, a gear selected and the pedal is gently raised, gradually and gently the springs inside the pressure plate smoothly clamp the clutch disc between the pressure plate and flywheel and all three pieces spin together (they are engaged) to match the speed of the engine and allow the wheels to move. Once the vehicle is moving in a gear the pedal can be pressed down and the clamping force from the pressure plate is released, (disengaged) the clutch disc spins independently of the flywheel and pressure plate, allowing the vehicle to change up the gears or down the gears and when required come to a stop with the engine running.

With its job and purpose the friction material on the clutch disc will slowly wear out, when this happens the pressure plate will not be able to put sufficient pressure on the clutch disk and stop it from slipping. The early signs of wear are likely to show in higher gear changes as the engine speed (rpm) will increase without a change in the vehicle speed. As the deterioration worsens the vehicle will eventually not be able to move at all as it will be unable to transfer the engine power to the wheels.

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Clutches FAQ’s

What are the signs of clutch problems?

Difficulty going into gear
Burning smell
Over revving when not accelerating
Clutch pedal does not feel normal
Strange noises

Do I need to replace the flywheel when I replace the clutch?

Not always. However Dual Mass Flywheels wear and generally need to be replaced at the same time

How expensive is a clutch replacement?

Prices vary depending on the model-Call us on 01206 576641 for a comprehensive quote

How long does it take to replace a clutch?

Time to do a Clutch replacement depends on make, model and age. Call us on 01206 576641 and using our technical data we can advise you and give you a quote

Can the flywheel damage the clutch?

Not necessarily, however if the dual mass flywheel seizes, collapses or seizes at an angle it may damage the clutch. If the flywheel starts to break up it may damage your starter motor and cause you starting issues.