Vehicle Health Checks Colchester

Give your vehicle a clean bill of health with our Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle Health Check in Colchester, Essex

Free Vehicle Health Check in Colchester, Essex

All Trans Autos are your local experts in delivering free vehicle health checks in Colchester, Essex. A regular Vehicle Health Check (VHC) will help to make your life easier and help prolong the life of your vehicle. When your car breaks down, the hassle is not just limited to waiting for the recovery service to arrive. Follow-up repairs are often necessary meaning more time and expense, and if the car cannot be fixed straight away, you’ll need to find alternative transport.

But they can potentially be avoided with a Vehicle Health Check.

The health check is there to check the state of your car and provide you with relevant advice. Customers have peace of mind because no work will be carried out to a vehicle without first gaining authorisation. In light of this, feedback will be provided for each of the items within the selected health check outlining one of three outcomes, a clean bill of health, work required in the near future or failed component with urgent attention strongly recommended. For many customers their vehicles are in good working order with no repairs necessary, providing them with peace of mind.

All Trans Autos Ltd can provide a no-obligation quote for both urgent works and for work required in the near future allowing customers to plan appropriately, with many choosing for All Trans Autos Ltd to carry out the repairs while the vehicle is in their care as this is often the most convenient option.

VHCs are not mandatory, but they are recommended.

It is typically carried out alongside another repair and is an extra service offered by us – as experts in delivering VHCs in Colchester, Essex, our skilled and qualified technicians see it as their duty to check your vehicles key safety items, giving us all peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and legal for the road.

Some of the key checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Fluid Levels
  • Exhaust
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
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  • service items
    Health checks are carried out and items are visually inspected without removing the road wheels. Additional charges may apply for replacement bulbs, replacement components, additional fluids or stripping of components for further assesment where required. Customer’s authorisation will be obtained for any chargeable items, before they are replaced.
Items Checked Type of Service
Bronze (Eco) Silver (Small) Gold (Full)
Brake system & Brake fluid x x
Suspension x x
Steering x x
Gearbox x x
Tyre tread depths x x x
Tyre pressures x x x
Oil level x x x
Liquid level; coolant, PAS, screen wash x x x
Antifreeze content x x
Exterior lights x x x
Windscreen condition x x x
Wiper blade condition and operation x x x
Battery test x x
Exhaust system x x
Auxiliary drive belt x x
MOT and Sevice due date x x x
First aid kit and hazard triangle x x
Electronic system visual x x x
Electronic vehicle scan x

Vehicle Health Check FAQ’s

What is a vehicle health check?

A vehicle health check is an inspection of specific components on your vehicle carried out by a skilled technician.

What is included in a health check?

A health includes lights, tyres, oil level, water level, wiper blades, battery, alternator and starter check, visual brake check and various other checks. For full information visit our website www.alltransautos.co.uk

How much does a health check cost?

Our basic health check is free. However, if you would like a more in-depth health check then you can upgrade to a silver or a gold. Call us on 01206 576641 for the price or check out our website www.alltransautos.co.uk for more information

Is a vehicle health check same as a service?

No, a health check is only a visual inspection, no parts are replaced

How long does a health check take?

A basic health check takes about 15-20 mins and can be done while you wait.