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van/truck Service and Repairs

At All Trans Autos Ltd we can service your van/truck to the manufacturer’s specification and make necessary repairs if required.

Van and Truck Servicing Specialists

All Trans Autos have been servicing and repairing  van and trucks since we opened in 1980, so you could say we know a thing or two about them.

Contrary to belief it is not compulsory to have your van/truck serviced at a main dealer and will certainly not affect the warranty of the vehicle. The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER) was introduced in 2003 which allowed motorists the option to choose where they get their cars/vans serviced and repaired.

We have invested heavily in Diagnostic Equipment and are able to offer you one of the most comprehensive diagnostic services in Colchester, including; General Diagnostics, ECU Coding, Key Coding, Re-programming, Calibration, Adaptions, Instrument Clusters, DPF, Immobiliser Coding & Car Software Updates.

Many vehicle manufacturers are no longer issuing physical service log books which required a manual stamp and often live in the glove box. Many are opting for a Digital Service Record (DSR) which allows us to electronically record and store all information regarding your vehicle from servicing to repairs. By having this Digital Service Record, all maintenance regarding the vehicle is stored and recorded on a central database, it also means you have more room in your glove box.

As a Bosch service garage our technicians are trained to the highest standards on the latest technologies. Using vehicle parts that are approved means your warranty will not be affected in any way. For vehicles out of warranty, Bosch parts are used ensuring parts are of top quality which meet the original standard. Bosch have been supplying a variety of automotive products and systems to vehicle manufacturers for over 100 years.

Having your van or truck serviced and repaired at All Trans Auto’s has many benefits than that of a main dealership. With most main dealerships you will be unable to talk directly to a technician whereas All Trans Autos Ltd offer a friendly approachable service ensuring you get full information about your vehicle repairs/service.

Cost is another main attribute when choosing a local garage over a main dealership. All Trans Autos Ltd can reduce this rate saving you, the customer, money.

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